Save Relationship After Cheating: 3 Simple Steps

January 14, 2012

Save Relationship After Cheating

Discover how to save your relationship after being unfaithful

How do you save a relationship after cheating? So you’ve been unfaithful and now you’re looking for ways to save your relationship. Almost all relationships today generally start with the same pattern. In the early stages of dating you have the sense that absolutely nothing could come between you. However, as time goes by and the exhilaration wanes, one partner may start to seek the spark or lust from someone else. Read on and find out how you can save a relationship after cheating, in just three easy steps.

Save A Relationship After Cheating – Make A Genuine Apology

Firstly, no matter what your reasons for cheating, you must come to terms with the fact that what you did was absolutely unfair to your partner. Unfaithfulness can never be justified. Defending yourself will only do more harm to your already brittle relationship. It is better to acknowledge your fault, accept the fact that you made a monumental mistake, and then determine the best way to apologize.

While it may be simple to express you are apologetic, it is important that you do it in a way that avoids hurting your partner further. This most important thing is honesty. If you are not honest with your loved one you will have very little chance of being successful in your efforts to save a relationship after cheating.

Give Your Partner Space

Secondly, you must accept that your partner will need space for a while. I understand how terribly you wish to be with your love. You want to reassure him or her that you are still committed to the relationship. You may not realize it at this point, but by zealously making contact with him or her you may just be seeking your own personal reassurance that there is still hope that your relationship can continue. Unfortunately,  this comes off as pleading and desperate and will not  be appreciated by your partner who will need some time to consolidate his or her own thoughts.

Save A Relationship After Cheating – Patience Is Critical

Finally, let them know that you really care. You already said sorry. Don’t repeat it over and over. When your special someone is ready to talk, arrange to see them again. Keep the conversation light and caring. Don’t rush them into making a decision. Let them know that you are waiting and that you’ll always be there when he or she wants to get back with you and start over again.

Cheating, lying, deceiving and all the other things that corrupt and affect relationships happen every day. Many others before you have been through it and have still  managed to successfully save their relationships. The reality is that you can save a relationship after cheating, you just have to be willing to put the time and energy into doing it. It’s all down to you!

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1 Jackie February 28, 2012 at 3:47 pm

Cheating? Well guys come on. How many times have you heard the word no man is pfcreet ? Yes. No man is pfcreet. Look around you. Celebrities, presidents, people in power and all that in some point fall for this word cheating . Simple word but very misunderstood why it happen. Now I will break it down for you guys to understand so much about cheating and what actually make people cheat. I have a upcoming book about relationship and cheating. Mainly for females who want a good man and want to keep them. Anyway enough of that. Its get to the chase.When it comes to relationship, you will hear some body say stuff like I love my bf/gf so much b ut I cheated on him or her and I don’t know why . Reason you don’t know why is, you don’t know how cheating occur. There are three simple steps to make cheating happen. YOUR MIND( BRAIN) , YOUR HEART (EMOTIONS AND FEELINGS) AND THEN YOUR BODY(SATISFACTION). This are the three major key factors that makes cheating occur. Majority of people are good relationship. The get their needs met. Sexual,emotional,love,etc but stray. The reason is their mind set is playing a bigger role. Example. A woman at a bar, who finds a man so attractive, flirt with him, get alil. Drunk and next minute her judgement, thinking ability, mind, start to play a role. Sleep with this man. So the mind plays the role. Connect with her emotions(heart) and get her satisfy(body). Next morning she sees her loving caring faithful husband and have regretion. This is the scenario how our mind play significant role when it comes to cheating. The brain is the lead factor when it comes to cheating. If u can take contreol of ur mind u can control your heart and body. This is just a few tip to know more email me. . and I will answer any questions or tell you more. Especially females or males who cheat and don’t know why they do that.


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